I wanted to rhythm a path that, universal rules that do not include random elements, continues to change without ever converging or diverging. I develop an algorithm to create individual tissues autonomously fluctuate. It is based on simple rules for which individual tissues such as organism cells, constantly and fluidly, form large tissues. Among multitudes of individual tissues, each individual tissue progresses in a vector whose directions are divided from the following four rules based on the context surrounding the individual tissues.
  1. An individual comes close to specific types of individuals at a velocity inversely proportional to the distance.
  2.  An individual departs from other specific types of individuals at a velocity inversely proportional to the distance.
  3. An individual increases/decreases its acceleration level depending on the distance between the same type of individual to reflect its transportation rate.
  4. An individual comes close to all types of individuals at a velocity proportional to the distance.

In summary, an individual tissue faces a trilemma: it habitually follows and pursues relationships that can be characterized as a food chain, composed of predators and prey. The individual entity also habitually pursues its own type, to become a bigger collective tissue. In a computer simulation, an individual tissue, randomly placed at the initial position, gradually forms a large tissue. The constructed tissue is constantly seeking other tissues, and other tissues seek the constructed tissue like one big individual, repeating the circulatory movements while changing the overall landscape. It confirms the transition of transformation.

ランダム要素を含まない普遍的ルールで、収束も発散もせず、永遠に変化し続けるリズムを私は刻みたかった。cellroidは、絶えず流動的に組織を形成する生物細胞のように、個体の単純なルールに基づき、自律的に変動しながら器官的組織を形成するアルゴリズムである。 具体的には、複数種類の個体において、各個体は、周囲の個体に対して、以下の4つのルールから導きだされるベクトル方向に進行する。 

  1. 特定種類の個体に対して、距離に比例した速度で近づく
  2. 別の特定種類の個体に対して、距離に反比例した速度で離れる
  3. 同種類の個体間の距離に応じてエネルギーとする値を増減し移動速度に反映させる
  4. 全種類の個体に対して、距離に比例した速度で近づく 



source code for processing


Copyright (C) 2017 Jun Fujiki