FuwaFuwa Drawing

This theme is an intuitive 3D drawing.
Today, 3D graphics software is difficult to learn the operation, and the input operation is not intuitive. We aim to create an intuitive 3D drawing system which is easy to understand for even kids.
 FuwaFuwa Drawing has an original input device.
We can draw 3D line and 3D point and 3D sphere on the screen  by using the device. The metaphor is an air brush, and the device's shape is like air brush. We can change a pen size by the strength of pressing the air brush device trigger. we can change a pen color by putting other color ink to the air brush device. FuwaFuwa Drawing has an original function to rotate a virtual space by moving the air brush device putting a button attached the air brush device.
The principle of getting 3D position is 3D line system. 3D line connects the air brush device and a platform device. The circuit send a date which is  a length of three  line to a  computer. We can get 3D position by computing from the data. 
FuwaFuwa Drawing has network function, and so we can cooperate with others. FuwaFuwa Drawing is also communication tool.


(C) 2002 Jun Fujiki & Tsutomu Ohya 







CAVEBOY is a dungeon game device. In this game, a player's direction and a direction in the game correponds by one to one. For example, when a player turn to north with the device, he see a map for north. And player can go to a front to press the button attached on the center of the device. In the map a righting LED means a wall, so we can not go. Thus, a player explore in the dungeon. But, the dungeon do not have the goal. :-)
 You can send a dungeon data by serial. At first, you edit a dungeon by the original editor software. Next, you change the device to the edit mode. then, you select send menu. The new  dungeon is created for a while.
This device consists of PIC16F877A and a direction sensor, MAX232 and so on.


(C) 2004 Jun Fujiki