HOUEI-FUNENROKU is an online network 3D CHANBARA game. The age is Houei. We battle and help other net player  to be alive.
HOUEI-FUNENROKU has a variety of game type. no rule, caputre the scroll, hunt ghost and so on.
In the chat, we can change a range of listening chat.


(C) 2002 SURUME(Jun Fujiki & Tsutomu Ohya) 






Game Border

This is a game that one can enjoy with the feeling of jumping from one game machine to another, transcending the borders of hardware. In addition, this is a challenge to connect the borders of various games seamlessly. The borders here are not limited to the physical, but include the borders of recognition and society. 

(C) 2012 Jun Fujiki, A1, K, okuoku, Keisuke Ikeda, Tsutomu Ohya, Tomoyuki Suehisa, Keiko Segawa, Yusuke Tsuboi, Akiko Watanabe, Shoichi Isida, Cezan Iseda, Takuma Hayakawa, Tomoki Hayashida, Nobuyuki Mukai & Nao Yamawakii